Gateway Casinos Takes BC Worker Unions to Court over Lake City Casinos Strike

The Canadian gambling operator Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is taking two worker unions to court, under the claims that union members have unlawfully gone behind picket lines at the Okanagan-based Lake City casinos of the company.
A notice of civil claim was filed by the casino company in British Columbia’s Supreme Court on September 14th against the BC Government and Service Employees Union (BCGEU) and the United Food and Commercial Workers Canada Union Local No.401 (UFCW). Apart from the two worker unions, the company has also named John Doe, Jane Doe and “persons unknown” as defendants.
According to the operator’s claims, union members went on strike on June 29th, 2018 and kept continuous picket lines at the four casinos owned and operated by Gateway in the region. The casino company also claims that the workers on strike have blocked the access to the operator’s casino in Penticton, and their behavior to other employees and members of the public was not only abusive but also threatening.

Send a message of support to striking BCGEU members at Gateway Casinos in the B.C. interior #solidarity #bcunion #bclab #workingclass
— Vancouver and District Labour Council (@vancouverdlc) October 1, 2018

The union members who took part in the strike are alleged in standing in front of the vehicles trying to get in and out of the casino parking lots and insulted both customers and employees of the venue.
The “sexually harassing and/or insulting” behavior of the workers is not the only claim of Gateway Casinos. According to the notice of civil claim filed by the casino operator to the BC Supreme Court, the strikers have been delaying management employees from reaching the Penticton casino. The gambling operator declared that the unlawful activities have become longer and more severe since the work stoppage began, and especially since September 10th. This was exactly the time when the UFCW started a joint picketing action with the BCGEU.
Union Says Proposed Wage Increase Is Too Small
The above-mentioned actions of the two worker unions’ members resulted in the police being repeatedly called to intervene when vehicles at the parking lot were obstructed. They, however, refused to take action without being presented with an authoritative warning or order.
Back in August, Gateway Casinos won an injunction against the BCGEU regarding the strike actions at its casino in Penticton.
The talks between the casino operator and the worker union aimed at ending the ongoing strike have been continuing for more than three months now. At the end of September, Gateway Casinos sent Thompson Okanagan Communities an open letter in an attempt to bring more clarity about the living wage in the region. The step was taken by the company after the union made claims that its last monetary proposal for a wage increase did not meet what is called “living wage amounts”.
The open letter sent by the operator to the misinformed residents of the region was aimed to make the term “living wage” clearer to them and also to provide more information about the wages of its workers. Gateway claimed that even the wages of the entry-level cashiers who work for them would be larger than the normal living wage and revealed that it had proposed an average increase of 7.5% for the job over the first year. As explained by the operator, the average yearly compensation for the position would amount to more than CA$50,362, tips included.

Hard Rock Casino Vancouver Finally Receives Green Light for Hotel Tower Construction after 7 Years of Waiting

Coquitlam is well on its way to welcome a brand new hotel tower providing accommodation for individuals from near and far as there was an official approval of a previously filed application. This is going to see a hotel venue located in the vicinity of the existing Hard Rock Casino.
Over the span of the past several years, there have been many attempts at introducing a hotel venue in the region of the casino location, elevating its offerings and potentially attracting even more individuals to it. In this sense, last week was an especially successful one, as it put an end to the waiting game, giving green light to the hotel venue construction. It could be recalled that the year 2016 saw Great Canadian Gaming Corporation file its application for a hotel venue permit, according to the mandatory process.
Hotel Tower Expected in the Foreseeable Future
In addition to this application, there was also a zoning amendment one, aiming to further enrich offerings on site and bring more people to the area. All mandatory requirements for the issuing were met by the casino developer and operator, which is why the City staff gave its nod to the project. This is only the start of a long process which is eventually going to see the region welcome the brand new hotel tower.
For the time being, an operator overseeing management of the new hotel venue has not been pinpointed by the casino developer, but this is expected to happen in the foreseeable future. The zoning amendment application field two years ago strove to bring some changes to the status quo and facilitate the introduction of an event location able to host a wide variety of open-air concerts and congregations of people.
Up until last week the two applications were at their final stage, meaning that they had received the nod of city officials. What was needed was the casino developer and operator to provide information about the hospitality company which is going t manage the planned accommodation venue. They year 2017 provided the applications with a 12-month extension, giving the developer more time to pick the most suitable partner for this venture.
Timeline of the Applcation Process
Raj Mutti, GCGC Vice-President of West Operations, stated shortly after the official approval that this is the first step of a long process which would see all aspects of the project finalized. The permit for construction work on the hotel tower will be one of the pivotal moments of this project, but prior to it the Ministry of Transportation will also have to give its approval. Furthermore, the field will have to be subjected to careful scrutiny, as evaluations and projections for the upcoming year would be vital at this point.
According to the approved application, the new hotel tower will have some 141 rooms available for booking by the guests. The hotel tower itself will rise 12 floors from the ground, providing excellent view above the area and the local skyline. Ever since its initial proposal, the project was significantly reduced in both size and room count, as the original plan for action featured a hotel tower with 181 premium rooms across 11 stories. Previous even braver plans dating back to 2011 cite a 21-story hotel featuring 194 rooms.
The lobby of this hotel building is set to span over 3,200 square feet and for the time being the initial plan for a cafe on site has been scrapped by the casino developer. This is all being done in order to reduce the overall footprint of the location and to boost its chances of approval. Among its advantages is the relative proximity to Highway 1, Lougheed Highway and United Boulevard marking an area of high traffic and subsequently more eyeballs.
Projections stated this new addition is going to cost about CA$500,000 to its developer. In the meantime, Hard Rock Casino Vancouver bearing the worldwide-known brand has managed to draw high rollers pouring about CA$2.5 million in cash transactions surpassing CA$10,000 over 2016 and 2017. Such transactions should be reported to the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada. The reports of such high-roller activity in the region come as no surprise, amid a whirlpool of casino money laundering discoveries and investigations.

You Guessed It Right: The Price is Right Live Comes to River Rock Casino

This summer is going to be a special one for Richmond residents and people living in the area since The Price is Right Live is going to make its way to River Rock Casino. The live show is projected to transform the venue into a heated gaming arena while making people’s dreams come true.
Four live shows are going to be sprinkled across June 14 to June 16 at the premium casino venue and tickets would be on sale on March 8. Have you ever dreamed of seeing yourself on TV not because of the thrill of becoming famous, but because of the thrill of playing one of the renown TV games across North America?
If your answer is Yes then you might want to make your way to Richmond this summer, as The Price is Right Live is going to transform gaming experience for many people from across Canada. This Friday would be a special day, as tickets would be available for purchase.
The Price is Right Live Comes in June
Pricing is essential not only when it comes to shopping but also when great cash prizes are on the line. The live edition of the longest-running TV show will give Canadians the chance to put their knowledge to the test and make their lives easier in a matter of minutes.
Well-known games to the likes of Plinko, Cliffhangers, The Big Wheel, and the fabulous Showcase are going to make their way to the casino venue in Richmond. Among the premium prizes that would be featured in those four live shows, people could bag cash prizes, various appliances, vacations to exotic destinations, as well as a shiny new vehicle.
In order to make it easy for anyone to participate in the exciting live show, the three dates would span across an entire weekend. In order to guarantee their access to the venue and the chance to enter the live game, tickets would be mandatory for players.
For those interested in purchasing tickets, March 8 would be the day when they are going to have the chance to do so starting at 10 a.m. They will be available online at the official River Rock website and the best offer they can get starts at CA$39.50. This amount includes service charges. VIP opportunity will be available as soon as Wednesday when players will have the chance to purchase premium tickets at 10 a.m.
Live Action Brings Great Prizes
What should be pointed out is that players allowed to make their way into the game should be 19 years old or older in order to have the chance to play for some of the generous prizes. A random draw is also going to determine who makes it in the game. Players who make their way to the venue will have the chance to participate in the mandatory draw that is going to provide everyone with an equal chance of winning big.
Friday action is scheduled to commence at 8 p.m. whereas Saturday is going to feature two live games at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. Sunday is projected to bring only one starting at 2 p.m. It should be taken into account that the official host of The Price is Right Drew Carey is not going to be present on site, but there will be another famous host that will make the entire experience even more special.

Loto-Quebec Strives to Keep Senior Executives with Stellar Wages, No Transparency

Quebec’s auditor-general Guylaine Leclerc recently introduced the findings of her team’s regular 2019-2020 report looking into the higher points of Crown corporations in Canada. The information it features proved being controversial, as it established that individuals on senior positions within the structure of corporations to the likes of Loto-Quebec and Societe des Alcools du Quebec receive millions in bonuses.
The reasoning for higher compensation and remuneration was that the Crown corporations have to remain competitive to the private sector of the province. This was a discovery that intrigued the people working on the report and Mrs. Leclerc could not hire her surprise by this piece of information. For her, the impressive payments are unnecessary, as Loto-Quebec should not compete with private companies in the area. In response to this discovery, she said better regulation is needed.
Severance Packages Reach CA$3.5M in Two Years
When it comes to the higher positions within the structure of Crown corporations, the annual report striving to shed more light onto the field is able to provide essential information about the status quo. Regular practices that remain hidden from the public were recently brought to light and the discoveries left many officials puzzled.
As it turns out, monopolies might have bigger power in their hands than previously considered and they opt to work with it in ways that could rank them among the private sector companies. This includes stellar wages, bonuses happening on a regular basis and exceeding the expectations of even the team working on the report.
The severance packages coming in certain situations were referred to as ‘golden parachutes’ for a reason, as they reached CA$3.5 million in the past couple of years. Some of the bonuses paid out reach up to CA$50,000 and such expenses remain a private matter of the Crown corporation.
Mrs. Leclerc pointed out that this has become possible as a result of the insufficient monitoring of Crown corporations that also prefer to maintain their transparency at a certain level. They rarely issue financial information about their employees, as they have the right to maintain such details private.
Bonuses Could Jump to CA$50,000
The government does not have direct oversight, enabling this to happen. What should be taken into account and has clearly been highlighted by the report is that Crown corporations are essentially monopolies, which exempts them from the healthy competition with rival companies. This is what differentiates Loto-Quebec from companies operating privately and there should not be a comparison between the two fields.
However, there was a comparison with other Crown corporations. As it was revealed by the annual report on the subject, Loto Quebec, offers its Vice-Presidents twice the wage Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec offers its Vice-Presidents as a remuneration. This is being done in order to maintain leading positions and individuals within the structure of the Crown corporation.
It should be taken into account that relocation to the private sector rarely happens in reality. Upon the report issuing, Loto-Quebec confirmed that the upcoming months are going to see the implementation of all recommendations listed in the report, as this would guarantee fair work conditions and full transparency. This includes wages increases and reasoning behind them. The Crown corporation is linked to a class-action lawsuit that was recently turned down.

CA$70m Cascades Casino Delta Might Welcome Patrons by Dec. 2020

Cascades Casino Delta is one of Gateway Casinos & Entertainment’s projects currently under construction. Initial projections for the launch ceremony were that the new complex would be ready to welcome its first casino patrons by the end of 2020. For the time being, however, the casino operator could not pinpoint an exact launch date for the premium casino location replacing Delta Town & Country Inn.

When it comes to major construction projects, sticking to the timeline is essential as it maintains a steady pace of work and guarantees the timely opening of the location. Gateway Casinos is known for its renovation work at existing casino complexes, as well as with the premium quality of its independent facilities built from scratch. The upcoming casino complex in Langley is among entirely new projects.
Construction in Its Initial Phase

Reshaping the landscape of a given town even if it is a smaller project is a responsible task, which should be taken seriously. Gateway Casinos is currently working on the land preparation where the casino complex is about to be built. A spokesperson for the casino operator revealed that construction work should enter its next phase at the beginning of 2020 when the building would begin taking shape.

B.C. Ministry Greenlights Cascades Casino Delta, Construction Starts Soon

Experience shows that casino complexes built from scratch usually take about a year to be finished and ready to welcome their first patrons ready to try their luck. Cascades Casino Chatham in Ontario saw its soft opening on July 16, about a year after its official groundbreaking ceremony. The casino venue in Langley could also take up to a year, making the end of 2020 a possible casino launch period.

Delta Sees Hotel Razing ahead of Eagerly Anticipated Casino Venue Construction

As of now, it is safe to say that the construction phase is progressing well and the casino operator is content with the pace of development. Upcoming months are projected to see more details around the casino venue being issued, as we approach the building phase. The winter months would call for work on the interior of the building, as well as on its furnishing.
Launch by the End of 2020
The CA$70-million casino venue would feature both gambling and family-friendly offerings ready to transform players’ lives and make them much more vibrant. The City Council gave a green light of Cascades Casino Delta mid-2018, but the Ministry of Highways was another hurdle for it. April saw the demolition of one of Langley’s symbols for generations.

Delta Wants Nothing to Do with Casino Cash, But Would this Stop Money Laundering?

The former hotel location is located at the junction of highways 17A and 99 and it was the last thing standing in the way of casino complex construction. Back in the spring, Gateway Casinos made it clear that some areas of the future construction site would have to undergo a special hazmat abatement. Cascades Casino Delta will introduce locals to Match Eatery and Public House, Atlas Steak + Fish, and The Buffet.

Could Proposed Cascades Casino Delta Have Wider Impact on Community?

The casino is also going to bring a five-story hotel building. The gaming venue itself is going to feature 500 slot machines, as well as a total of 24 table games, potentially featuring cashless gaming action only, if lawmakers give their approval and make this venue a pioneer on a national scale.

Winners Think Alike: Lotto 6/49 CA$9m Jackpot Split between Provinces

When it comes to Lotto 6/49 and Lotto MAX, Canadian players are eager to purchase their tickets ahead of the regular draws twice a week. These purchases are often more than fortunate, as players get a bang for their buck. A group of friends hailing from Calgary recently claimed their CA$3-million Lotto 6/49 prize following a couple of months of contemplation. Their ticket was among the three lucky ones splitting the CA$9-million Lotto 6/49 Main prize.

The five friends would forever remember this summer as the time when they all became co-winners thanks to a single lottery ticket purchase. August 31 saw the winning draw for Adonis Ntwari, Emmanuel Hakizimana, Ramon Sindambiwe, Aime Nduwingoma, and Marius Kanibi. All of them are residents of Calgary playing lottery on a regular basis in the hopes of winning big.
Calgary Winners Claim Prize

Many Canadians participate in lottery offerings with their friends or families in groups, which often results in hefty prizes being split in several ways. In this case, each of the five lotto fans is about to receive a CA$600,000 slice of the CA$3-million Main prize. Their share is a portion of the overall jackpot itself, as another winning ticket for the August 31 draw was sold in St. Albert.

British Columbia, Ontario Lotto 6/49 Enthusiasts Expect the Unexpected

Moreover, a third single winning ticket for this very draw was sold in Ontario. This distribution does not bother the lottery enthusiasts of Calgary, as they have already commenced their plans for the foreseeable future. The financial cushion is going to be invested in a project, but for the time being nothing is set in stone. Mr. Ntwari is the group’s leader who checked the Lotto 6/49 ticket.

Someone Could Snatch Lotto 6/49 CA$25-Million Main Prize Any Minute Now

At first, he could not believe his eyes and had to scan it a couple more times. Then his friends refused to believe him, only later coming to terms that they are much richer. Spruce Cliff Grocery was the retail location that sold them the lucky piece of paper, a location that is set to bag one percent of the overall Main prize slice.
Alberta Couple Bags their Slice
A couple from St. Albert claimed the second half of this very Lotto 6/49 Main prize. Brian Black and Charlene Offers claimed CA$3-million which is going to be used for tons of travels in the upcoming years. Mr. Black said that the two of them retired a while back and this windfall comes at the right time, as traveling is among their plans for the future.

Lotto MAX Winner Held on to Ticket for 10 Months, Checked it Every Now and Then

They bought the CA$4 Quick Pick ticket in the hopes of bagging a grand prize, an achievable goal at the end of the day. Real Canadian Superstore in St. Albert is the point-of-sale eligible for a percentage of the CA$3-million prize. Mrs. Offers said California is a place the two of them want to visit first, subsequently continuing their trip.

Lotto 6/49 Millionaires Celebrate Jackpots in Alberta, Ontario, Main Prize Swells

Meanwhile, Lotto MAX survived once again and is about to return on October 18 with nearly CA$32 million. This Wednesday would come with a Lotto 6/49 jackpot reaching CA$7 million – an amount eyed by thousands of Canadian lotto enthusiasts.

Pickering Casino Ready to Welcome Patrons this April

Great Canadian Gaming is ready for a new chapter of its gaming history, this time taking place in Pickering and transforming the local community. The casino operator officially confirmed that Pickering Casino Resort is well-positioned for its official launch on April 8. With several weeks left until the tentative date, the construction on site continues at full speed, as the leading casino company is willing to welcome its patrons in a premium atmosphere.

The large development project in the City of Pickering has been a topic of wide discussion for years now, as it is projected to propel the community forward and attract more eyeballs to it. Such a feat is possible thanks to the diverse nature of its various components, striving to attract a wider audience.
Gaming Expansion in Pickering

For quite a while, the casino resort part of the larger construction site has been closely monitored by individuals personally affected by the casino development in Pickering. The local entertainment scene is about to get even better after the official unveiling of this gambling offering coming with more family-friendly features. Pickering Casino Resort is here to transform the Durham region.

Great Canadian Gaming Financially Ready for Pickering Casino Resort

The first days of April are projected to see the official ribbon-cutting ceremony on the premises of the casino resort, allowing individuals interested to take a look and explore everything up for grabs there. Great Canadian Gaming recently shed more light on the integrated resort aiming to make Pickering a gaming hotspot and a popular traveling destination. The casino part of the resort is about to launch operation first.

Pickering Casino Resort Well-Positioned for April Launch

Pickering Casino Resort’s second phase is about to be the launch of its hotel tower and the entertainment venue adjacent to it. They are about to welcome their first guests by the end of 2020, according to the projections made recently. Casino gaming appears to be a priority for the casino operator, as it would be able to fuel the project while the remaining phases are under construction.
Casino Rama Concerned about Pickering Casino
Great Canadian Gaming announced that it has been working tirelessly on the expansion taking place at Casino Woodbine, as well as at Great Blue Heron Casino Hotel. In addition to that, the casino operator has also continued its investment in the gaming industry in the West Greater Toronto Area. Ontario has been the center of attention and investment, as it was projected last year, but the casino developer also focuses on British Columbia and Atlantic Canada.

Great Canadian Gaming Marks Gaming Revenue Jump ahead of Pickering Launch

This would be the next phase of the casino development on a national level. Planning consultant Don Givens made his way to the Pickering council’s executive committee last week and shed more light on the upcoming months. He pointed out that traffic in the Pickering Casino Hotel area is expected to grow over the weekends, which could be alleviated by a soft opening. It should be taken into account that the new casino would pose a threat to existing casino resorts.

Great Canadian Gaming Touts Pickering Casino Resort Welcoming 2,000 Employees

Casino Rama Resort management recently expressed its concerns regarding the new project, which would inevitably draw a slice of its existing patrons. Casino Rama is able to attract individuals hailing from Ajax, Pickering, and Markham. The rival casino would be the first competitor to come so deep into the catchment area of the Gateway Casinos’ casino resort. The true impact of such a launch is expected to be witnessed in the upcoming years.

Gateway Casinos Marriage with Catalyst Capital Faces Trying Times

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is striving to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange, as this goal has been on the table for the past nearly two years. April this year was supposed to see the completion of the deal, which was postponed for June 30. Days ahead of this date, Leisure Acquisition Corporation voted for an extension to December 1.

Catalyst Capital Group wanted to merge the casino operator with its US-based Leisure Acquisition Corporation and the plans for this were unveiled in the last days of 2019. The publicly traded special purpose acquisition company is striving to expand its footprint and subsequently list Gateway Casinos on the NYSE, one of the long-time goals for the Canadian casino leader.
Uncertainty Ahead

For several months, Gateway Casinos and Catalyst Capital Group have been working on this merger that could reshape the gaming field of North America. It amounts to some CA$1.5 billion and it was supposed to see its conclusion back in April 2020. The unprecedented situation eventually made that impossible which called for its extension until the last days of June. Now it is all a waiting game for the two parties involved.

Gateway Casinos Faces New York via Strategic Merger

Leisure Acquisition Corporation held a vote on the subject and the predominant opinion was that the deadline should be extended to the beginning of December. The stakeholders also reminded that some action would have to be made ahead of July 15, or else, either of the two parties could exit the arrangement and seek new opportunities for growth and development. Uncertainty seems to veil the agreement.

Lawyers Defend City of Greater Sudbury, Gateway Casinos in Court

It could be recalled that the first days of this year revealed more on the subject. Gateway Casinos & Entertainment was supposed to welcome its new Chief Executive Officer. Marc Falcone was supposed to become the Chief Executive Officer and President of the hospitality company ready to publicly trade.
December 1 Might Bring New Deadline
The unprecedented situation might have impacted the liquidity of both companies which could be causing the delays experienced. It should be taken into account that all of Gateway Casinos’ brick-and-mortar locations have been closed over the past nearly four months. Those 27 casino venues and gambling halls are sprinkled across Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario.

Predatory Saga Continues, Catalyst Capital Buys Insolvent Bluberi for CA$92.7M

As of now, only two of them have received a green light for operation. The casino operator is focused on the preparation for the official reopening of the remaining locations, as taking into account all safety measures is crucial for the normal operation and patrons’ safety down the road. It could be recalled that November 2018 saw the casino operator list for a United States-facing public offering.

First Nation Eyes Casino Resort without Gateway Casinos’ Permission

That was only the first step of an extensive process envisioning a better and brighter future for the British Columbia-based company. Initial projections of that public offering were that it would be able to amass some US$400 million. Back then, it was also clear that the company was valued at US$2.5 billion. It could also be recalled that the year 2012 saw another futile attempt at going public.